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Who we are

We are a trade organization for the automotive industry. All sectors

National Salvage Direct Association (NA-SA-DA for short) Bridges the gap between multiple sectors of the automotive industry. The sectors include insurance, ELVs (end of life vehicles), Fleet / Lease, New and Used Dealers, Rebuilders, Recyclers, and Used Auto Parts.

Up to this point the industry sectors have been separate and only had a casual relationship. That relationship has been exploited by third party providers. Any exchange of vehicles had to go through a 3rd party provider. Every sector in the automotive industry needs to exchange vehicles. As of today 3rd party providers control in excess of 93% of all wholesale sales. Which is a loss of control, addition of expenses and the high probability of a mysterious defect.

National Salvage Direct Association has created a common ground in the form of a dedicated marketplace for the industry sectors to come together. The marketplace represents all sectors equally. We do this in 2 parts. First with a specialized marketplace. The marketplace has unique features designed to protect buyers and sellers equally. Secondly as an Association, members are vetted and maintain an on-line reputation with oversight by the association.

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There is a disconnection between automotive industry sectors. That disconnection has been exploited by third party providers.

As a result, the cost associated with buying or selling in the wholesale market has risen significantly. The affected sectors do not communicate with each other in a meaningful or productive way.

There is a disparity in the way each sector is viewed by the other. Both buyers and sellers are hostage to a duopoly that makes the rules.

The disconnection the industries are currently experiencing allows for significant loss of control and input on the actual disposal / acquisition process.

Our Solution

Our platform encourages and supplies the means to communicate between participants in all sectors.

The platform is based in a specialized marketplace where any wholesale vehicle can be bought or sold at a greatly reduced cost.

Our platform is member based. To qualify for membership, companies must register and verify they are a state licensed business. The public is not welcomed or allowed and members that allow retail buyers will be removed.

For sellers  we provide instant availability to thousands of verified / qualified buyers. And offer the industry first of RTP (Real Time Payments) and same day ACH transfers.

All members receive a on-line store front where they can post vehicles for sale, set search preferences, communicate with other members, display their member rating and so much more.

All listed vehicles are FREE to buy. There is no buyer’s premium on any listed vehicle. There are no fee’s associated with purchasing other than the actual purchase price.

We take the place of the auctions. Our association provides value adding information to vehicles being offered for sale. Then we provide a 24 hour marketplace to buy or sell those assets. Reducing the time and cost associated with wholesale exchanges. Equally as important we foster open communication and fair business dealings amongst our members. Offering a safer / better way to exchange on the wholesale level.

What Our Members Say

"Hi Mr. Smith,
Need to know more on your endeavor. Would love to contribute to a good cause."
Nikeeta J.
"Happy to see this service available. The insurance companies and salvage pools answer to no one. The things I've seen happen are almost criminal. This is the change the industry needs."
Mike S.
"Wow, this is great. I can't wait to start using it."
Doug P.
“We’re saving so much money on buyers fee’s, we just lowered our prices and are still netting more than before”
Angela K.

Our Promise

We’re committed to providing a secure user friendly experience where members earn their ratings based on the way they conduct business.

Experienced Staff

Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. They work tirelessly to provide top-of-the-line services for our customers.

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National Salvage Direct Association (NASADA) is a membership-based association. Only members can buy and sell on the site. Membership requirements include being a business and being licensed in the state of their choice.

Membership Options

NASADA brings together members representing diverse industry sectors, including insurance carriers, automotive dealers, fleets, salvage operations, used auto parts, auto manufacturers, remarketers, upfitters and many other specialized suppliers. NASADA is an active and growing association, and we welcome industry professionals to join our loyal, enthusiastic membership. Membership includes the ability to buy and sell, develop cross platform connections, and truly affect the change we all deserve.

Class 1

Single location, single authorized user, eligible for Founding Member status (first 500 members). First 2 listings are free of charge

Class 2

Up to 2 locations, 2 Authorized Users, eligible for Founding Member status (first 500 members). First 3 listings are free of charge

Class 3

Up to 4 locations, up to 4 Authorized Users, eligible for Founding Member status (first 500 members). First 4 listings are free of charge.

Class 4

5 or more locations, 5 Authorized Users, eligible for Founding Member status (first 500 members). First 5 listings are free of charge.

Add $100.00 for each additional Authorized User

Partner Class

Any of the above classes are eligible to join National Salvage Direct Association as a member of the Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors is a paid role based on the level of participation elected. There are multiple levels to choose from. Increments are based on shares. ¼ share, ½ share and full share. ¼ share is $2,500.00, ½ share is $5,000.00, full share is $10,000.00. Shares can be purchased in any combination up to a total of 30 shares amongst all purchasers. Compensation is paid at the end of the fiscal year and is calculated using the net profits of the closing year. Active membership needs to be maintained to qualify for disbursements. In addition, The board of Advisors has monthly (or as needed) meetings and active participation is anticipated. Board of Advisors members are vested in the company and a positive future.

We’re committed to providing a stress-free experience to both Buyers and Sellers – where you’re 100% satisfied with the service we provide.

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Every new business needs the support of the community it serves, National Salvage Direct Association is no different. This section is for those that want to see the association grow and prosper. There is no cost associated with showing your support, as a matter of fact we will return the favor should you decide to join as a member. By supporting us now when we need it the most, we will let you use the site for a full month free of charge when we open for business. At a minimum we need your name that will be displayed with all the other supporter’s. We also give you the ability to post a positive comment and your logo if you so choose. Thank you, we truly appreciate you adding your support to us.

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